The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.


just hold on

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(aired on 14/08/2014 on BBC Radio 1)

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Season 10 prediction:


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Chris Martin Sings Emotionally About Ordinary Things [x]

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might be the rawest pic I’ve ever seen. and he got a bag of chips in his hand

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Meet Groot

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i live for back to school sales like as much as i dislike school when i see packs of 20 different colored pens or sharpies and boxes of brand new mechanical pencils my heart feels this strange sense of happiness and i feel the urge to literally dump entire shelves of school supplies into my shopping cart

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